Mammo Stories, a four part mammo series: Hear her story with Renee DiNino from River 105.9

This October we talk to women in Connecticut who have all experienced mammography in a different way. In this special mammo series we interview four women – each with a unique outlook and lesson to teach us. Their advice: you can’t pour from an empty cup. It’s when we care for ourselves that we can truly care for others.

In this special episode, Chris shares why she switched to Jefferson Radiology for her annual screening mammogram.

Listen to our “Women’s Champion” Kerry Burrows explain why she thinks mammograms are part of self-love and self-care!

Listen to Dr. Diana James, Director of Breast Imaging at Jefferson Radiology share why mammograms are essential in the fight against breast cancer!

Listen to breast cancer survivor Susan Lane share her story of early detection and how her experiences at Jefferson Radiology shaped her healthcare journey and saved her life.