Pediatric Services

Jefferson Radiology’s pediatric services are performed by the same radiologists who work at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and Hartford Hospital. Our expertise in pediatric anatomy and physiology allow us to provide a level of accuracy and insight that conventional radiologists are often unable to provide in pediatric cases.



We pride ourselves on maintaining excellent working relationships with referring physicians.

  • Pediatricians
  • Pediatric surgeons
  • Family practitioners
  • Pediatric orthopedists
  • Pediatric oncologists

Discerning parents who want convenient access to pediatric radiology services also seek out our services.

Our diagnostic services are tailored to the distinct clinical presentations and diseases that affect children

  • Innovative CT protocols to reduce radiation doses without sacrificing image quality. This reflects our understanding of children’s sensitivity to radiation.
  • Ultrasound by technologists specially trained in pediatric ultrasound

We are dedicated and committed to teaching residents through Hartford Hospital. We value this engagement for its own sake, and because of the constant interchange with colleagues and stimulation that it provides.

Our pediatric radiologists complete a one- or two-year fellowship program after their diagnostic radiology residency.

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