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Everyone has a story to share. What's yours? By sharing your personal story, you can help others connect with the right radiologist. Your experience can make a difference in the lives of others by helping them take charge of their healthcare during the diagnosis stage of their journey — undeniably one of the most critical moments in their lives and one that typically involves a radiologist. 

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Michele C.

It was just my annual mammogram in October 2013.  I got a call back for an ultrasound because the radiologist saw "something". It was not a big deal because I had a cyst that would cause me to get called back for more testing.  The technician found the cyst and when I began to rise from the table she said wait, we have to find the other one.  She could not find it and called in the radiologist who found it immediately.  Further testing revealed breast cancer.  My surgeon said it was so small he was amazed that it was seen so early.  My older sister was battling pancreatic cancer at the time so I thought I couldn't have cancer too!  I was Stage 0 with an aggressive cancer that was on the move. My surgeon said it could have easily been missed until the next year and that would have been more of a challenge to treat.  I am eternally grateful to Jefferson Radiology and the doctor in the background I've never met!


  Louise Pisarski

In August of 2016, I started to have chest pains. It was fortunate that I was going to my yearly physical exam the following week. Dr. Evelyn Smith was wonderful and jumped right on it. I had an ultrasound at Jefferson Radiology the next day and the day after that a cat scan. The diagnosis...pancreatic cancer. After chemo, then surgery, then more chemo and ending with radiation, I finished my treatments the end of May 2017. I just had my 6 month check up with a cat scan at Jefferson Radiology in Ocotber of 2017 and received the all clear sign!

Sharon C.

Sometime in 2006 or 2007 I began having severe sciatic attacks in my left leg. I tried many alternative treatments for it, such as chiropractic, physical therapy, Svaroopa yoga, energy healing and massage, hoping beyond hope that it was a passing thing. Nothing relieved the pain, which my PT said was "structural," and so I finally, reluctantly, went to see an orthopedist recommended by a good friend, Dr. Gerald Becker. He ordered an MRI and laughed when I said I needed to put my glasses on to look at it. The "severe spinal stenosis" was clearly apparent, no magnification needed. Treatment was epidural cortisone injections, or surgery. Crying from fear, shock and chronic pain, I opted for the epidural and Becker's nurse was able to get me an immediate appointment at Jefferson Radiology. That's when I met Dr. Jack Foster, the interventional radiologist who is quite possibly the best physician I've ever encountered in my lifetime, aside from my own husband. READ MORE

Melissa M.



In 2009, life was good. I was a healthy, happy young woman about to turn 40. I felt great on so many levels and was in great shape. At the time though, I was surrounded by women who had been recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Even though I had no reason to suspect something was wrong with me, I scheduled my first mammogram. Surprisingly, the results came in and something wasn’t right. I had calcifications. The biopsy showed that I had a non-invasive form of breast cancer. Scary, but manageable. The findings concerned my surgeon though, so more tests were ordered. First an MRI, then an ultrasound guided biopsy. The tests were coming so fast, I knew this wasn’t just some form of pre-cancer anymore. Instead, it was stage II... at best.  READ MORE

Holly C.




I never met my Grandmother on my Mother's side. My mother died at 67. I am 63. What happened? My Grandmother had breast cancer and lymphoma and so did my Mother. I always knew it was going to hit me, I just didn't know when. In the course of my life I developed Scleroderma, Benign Inter Cranial Hypertension and then, Breast Cancer. I love Jefferson Radiology. I go to the one located in East Granby, Connecticut. The ladies there are warm and friendly and they know that women are sometimes apprehensive about having a mammogram. I was at my home in Puerto Rico last April when I called Jefferson and made my appointment for my annual mammogram. We set the date and when I got home, I went immediately for the scan.  When they called me, they were kind and gentle.  They found something. Crystals they said. Not to worry, but we needed to look further. As I am a patient at Yale, I asked that my records be sent there. I was told I could pick up my records and scan in Enfield the next day and my husband and I took them to Yale. Jefferson was the key to the early detection of my breast cancer. Without them, I could never have proceeded with such speed and confidence I needed to make life issue decisions. Thank You Jefferson for doing what you do.

Anne S.

In 1998, I had my first MRI with Jefferson Radiology at Hartford Hospital when I was diagnosed with a brain tumor (meningioma), a very large one. Surgery followed and then yearly MRI's through 2005 when the tumor came back. It was removed in 2006 and was followed three months later with blood clots in both lungs and both legs (airplane flight). In 2010, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  During all of these blips in my life, Jefferson Radiology and their staff of doctors and technicians have been kind, caring, and professional. They have taken the time to talk to me and show me the results of my testing. I continue to go annually for my brain MRI's and my mammograms and consider myself very fortunate to have Jefferson Radiology on my medical team. I owe my well-being to the doctors and staff at Hartford Hospital and Jefferson Radiology. Thank you all for giving me the opportunity to live my life.

   Joan E.


In the most perfect spring day in May 2015, my husband suddenly passed away from a heart attack. This shattered my existence. My whole reason for living was gone. Then when you think things couldn't get worse; they did. In May 2016, exactly one year later, I was diagnosed with a gigantic brain tumor (meningioma) the size of a lime. I had been ignoring my symptoms because I thought everything going on was psychological from grief.  Shortly after receiving the diagnosis, I started having trouble breathing and went to the ER.  My doctor said that if I had waited a couple more weeks, I wouldn't be telling my story. One week later I had a two day (40 hours) surgery at Hartford Hospital performed by the brilliant Dr. Paul Schwartz. Unfortunately there will be a third surgery. My GP said to make friends with the MRI machine; I will have to see it every three months. I am less nervous about facing this because the staff at Jefferson Radiology has been wonderful.


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