Teaching & Research

Commitment to Education, Research, and Development

At Jefferson Radiology, we see active involvement in teaching and research as more than a means to advance our fields. Our dedicated specialists have committed their careers to excellence in one particular area of radiology, and they’re constantly seeking out ways of improving on what they do. This level of intellectual engagement makes Jefferson Radiology the kind of place that can attract the best and brightest radiologists from all over the country.

Our research is patient focused and results oriented, and unburdened by a mandate to “publish or perish”. This single-minded focus on results makes us early adopters of technologies that improve outcomes. Jefferson Radiology was one of the first centers to perform aortic stent grafts. We switched to digital mammography in 2004, well ahead of others. We’ve developed innovative, radiation-sparing techniques that allow CT scans to deliver crisp images with substantially lower doses of radiation. These are just a few examples of how our engagement with teaching and research directly benefits our patients.


Many Jefferson physicians serve on numerous national radiological boards and societies involved with education, standard of care guidelines, board examinations and peer reviewed journal activities. They also serve on multiple hospital boards and medical executive committees. Our radiologists serve as speakers on local, national, and international levels, and are available to speak on various topics of interest to the community at large. Further, we operate and direct an accredited radiology residency program and radiology technologist training program.

Research and Development

Jefferson Radiology embraces and supports research and development as a means to give back to the scientific and radiologic community. We actively participate in sponsored clinical trials, which benefit our patients and hospital partners, who become beneficiaries of the most up-to-date techniques and the most leading edge medical equipment and software. The scientific exposure that is derived continues to have a significant influence in recruitment and retention of the brightest and most innovative radiologists and technologists.

Musculoskeletal Radiology Fellowship program

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