The Power of AI in Radiology

Instant Alerts
for Emergent Cases

Traditional workflow methods often prioritize cases based on the order of arrival. Now, Aidoc’s advanced AI algorithms instantly alert our radiologists to emergent cases, so we can expedite care for patients who need it most, potentially preventing adverse outcomes. We are now equipped to spot critical findings faster than ever.

Enhanced Workflow Efficiency

Aidoc doesn’t just detect critical findings; it optimizes our workflow. It alerts the radiologist only when urgent findings are detected and otherwise remains unseen, accelerating the reporting process and saving valuable time for both the patient and radiologist. Our radiologists can now make informed decisions quickly, resulting in a more streamlined and effective practice.

Elevating Patient Care with AI Precision

Our instance of Aidoc is equipped to detect urgent CT findings such as intracranial hemorrhage, pulmonary embolisms (including incidental PE), cervical spine fractures, and rib fractures (ER only). By flagging these cases, Aidoc ensures that our radiologists promptly address life-threatening or urgent conditions.

A Collaborative Future

Jefferson Radiology and Aidoc are not just transforming radiology; we are revolutionizing patient care. By combining clinical excellence with AI innovation, we’re driving towards a future where diagnostics are precise, care is timely, and patient outcomes are optimized.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we harness the potential of AI to reshape the landscape of radiological practice. Together, we’re creating a new standard of care that will benefit patients, radiologists, and healthcare systems alike.


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How does Aidoc's AI technology assist radiologists in prioritizing critical cases?

Aidoc helps ensure acute studies receive expedited attention and prioritization by flagging critical cases and prompting the radiologist to move them to the front of the reading queue. It runs seamlessly in the background, ensuring minimal disruption, enhanced responsiveness, and ultimately, better patient care.

How does Aidoc integrate into radiologists' existing workflow?

Unlike traditional tools, Aidoc operates discreetly in the background of our radiologists’ normal workflow. Radiologists do not need to manually open each case, allowing them to save time and enhance efficiency in the reporting process.

Can you explain how Aidoc maintains patient privacy and data security?

Aidoc operates within our local environment and does not send images externally or store them. This ensures that patient data remains within our secure systems, adhering to the highest standards of privacy and compliance.

Is Aidoc's AI technology solely exclusively on clinical purposes?

Yes, Aidoc is designed exclusively for clinical use and does not utilize client images for any form of product enhancement. Its primary aim is to support radiologists in delivering accurate diagnoses and timely patient care.

Can you provide examples of the impact Aidoc has made?

Aidoc has been successfully implemented in prestigious medical centers globally, contributing to enhanced diagnostic accuracy and faster case prioritization. Its capabilities have proven to be instrumental in identifying critical conditions and expediting patient care.

The Future of Radiology is Here

In the age of innovation, our practice is at the forefront of transformative care. With Aidoc, we’re revolutionizing radiology, elevating diagnoses, and accelerating critical interventions.

At Jefferson Radiology, the future of radiology is here, and it’s brighter than ever.


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