Transforming Radiology

Today, Radiology Partners is the leading on-site radiology practice in the U.S., partnering with over 3,000 radiologists and providing services to nearly 1,300 hospitals, clinics, and imaging centers across more than 30 states.

Our partnership with Rad Partners holds many promises to further enhance patient care for our communities. Among others, benefits to our communities include accelerating the use of AI technologies in our clinical pathways and workflows, increased access to subspecialty and teleradiology services, and greater capabilities and reach of leading clinical programs and technology. We are excited to build the future of radiology together with:

  • Customized educational investment in developing the best radiologists and leaders

  • Deeper integration of radiology in the overall healthcare delivery process

  • Clinical best practice development by a dedicated team focused on execution and quality outcomes

  • State-of-the-art clinical technology for radiologists and referring physicians