A Closer Look at the Open MRI Experience at Jefferson Radiology


OPEN MRI in Glastonbury’s Town Square will be Powered by Jefferson Radiology as of March 1, 2024.

Open MRI technology transforms your imaging experience by prioritizing your comfort and well-being, easing common challenges like claustrophobia, noise discomfort, and anxiety. Explore the inclusive design’s capability to alleviate panic and provide a more comfortable imaging experience for all, regardless of body size.


Medical imaging has evolved significantly over the years, and you deserve a convenient option for a more comfortable MRI. This introductory guide will share the unique features of Open MRI technology, addressing key questions and shedding light on how Open MRI offers a better patient experience, especially if you face fear and anxiety when undergoing an MRI.


Open MRIs are a patient-friendly approach to medical imaging. They provide a spacious and comfortable exam, alleviating panic, and the feeling of confinement during the exam. Open MRIs are non-invasive and are one of the safest imaging options available. They use magnets and radio waves to create clear images that can be used across many applications.

Advantages vs Limitations of Open MRI

Advantages of Open MRI:
  • Spacious design accommodates various body types and reduces claustrophobia.
  • Creates a relaxing environment for added comfort.
  • High-quality diagnostic images for a wide range of medical conditions.
Limitations of Open MRI:
  • Potential for slightly lower image resolution.


MRI scanners are not “one size fits all,” and a standard closed MRI cannot always comfortably accommodate various body types. Open MRI’s spacious design welcomes individuals of all body sizes with mobility challenges, including wheelchair users and individuals experiencing back pain that makes lying flat feel uncomfortable. The open design promotes a more relaxed environment for you and reflects our commitment to providing solutions to fit your unique needs.

Inclusive Examples of an Open MRI:

  • Open design to accommodate bariatric patients and individuals of various sizes.
  • Designed for easy wheelchair access.
  • Adjustable table eight for those with lower back mobility challenges.


Your comfort and peace of mind is our priority. MRI scans can be challenging if you experience claustrophobia, have sensitivity to loud noises, or feel anxiety during the exam. Compared to a traditional closed MRI, our Open MRI in Glastonbury offers a more effective and calming option for your exam.

Claustrophobic Patient Experience in Open MRI vs Closed MRI

Claustrophobia Experience with Open MRI:
  • A more open design reduces the confined or trapped feeling during the exam.
  • Reduces noise discomfort and fosters a more peaceful environment.
  • Additional space alleviates anxiety, knowing you can see around the machine.
Claustrophobia Experience with Closed MRI:
  • Confined space where patients feel a sense of panic
  • Unsettling loud noises during the scanning process.
  • Limited visibility while in the MRI contributes to feeling isolated.


An aversion to loud noises can pose a significant challenge during an MRI for some individuals. Open MRI scanners are generally less noisy, providing a more peaceful environment during your exam. No matter what accommodations you need during your appointment, we are here to provide a more comfortable MRI experience.

Noise Sensitivity Experiences During an Open MRI:

  • Ideal for patients seeking a quieter and more peaceful exam.
  • Headphones provided help further alleviate noise.


Open MRI technology offers a variety of features that enhance the exam experience. Unlike traditional closed MRI machines, Open MRI scanners provide a spacious and accommodating design, reducing feelings of confinement, which is particularly helpful if you experience claustrophobia or anxiety. Open MRI machines operate more quietly, creating a more peaceful imaging environment. They are also adaptable, featuring adjustable tables for patients with mobility challenges. These unique attributes make Open MRI technology a top-tier choice for improving patient comfort and imaging experience.


At Jefferson Radiology, your well-being is our top priority. Through our comprehensive range of sub-specialized radiology services, we offer patients unwavering support and extensive imaging expertise. With years of experience, our radiologists ensure you receive the most accurate diagnosis, and our technologists provide the heartfelt care you deserve.


We understand that diagnostic imaging needs vary widely, from routine check-ups to complex medical conditions; this drives our commitment to offering versatile solutions for our patients. Our Open MRI technology provides a versatile imaging option for various imaging needs. This versatility ensures we can adapt to your individual needs, offering a tailored approach that delivers an accurate diagnosis and the highest level of care. Our imaging solutions at Jefferson Radiology are designed to meet you wherever you are on your healthcare journey.


Open MRI technology provides a more comfortable experience for patients facing challenges, from claustrophobia to anxiety. At Jefferson Radiology, we prioritize your well-being and peace of mind, offering unwavering support and expertise when you need us. Your health is at the core of our mission, making Open MRI at Jefferson Radiology the preferred choice for a better imaging experience in Glastonbury.

Jefferson Radiology’s new OPEN MRI location is located at 124 Hebron Ave, in the Glastonbury Town Square Plaza.


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