It was just my annual mammogram in October 2013. I got a call back for an ultrasound because the radiologist saw “something”. It was not a big deal because I had a cyst that would cause me to get called back for more testing. The technician found the cyst and when I began to rise from the table she said wait, we have to find the other one. She could not find it and called in the radiologist who found it immediately. Further testing revealed breast cancer. My surgeon said it was so small he was amazed that it was seen so early. My older sister was battling pancreatic cancer at the time so I thought I couldn’t have cancer too! I was Stage 0 with an aggressive cancer that was on the move. My surgeon said it could have easily been missed until the next year and that would have been more of a challenge to treat. I am eternally grateful to Jefferson Radiology and the doctor in the background I’ve never met!

–Michele C.

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