I never met my Grandmother on my Mother’s side. My mother died at 67. I am 63. What happened? My Grandmother had breast cancer and lymphoma and so did my Mother. I always knew it was going to hit me, I just didn’t know when. In the course of my life I developed Scleroderma, Benign Inter Cranial Hypertension and then, Breast Cancer. I love Jefferson Radiology. I go to the one located in East Granby, Connecticut. The ladies there are warm and friendly and they know that women are sometimes apprehensive about having a mammogram. I was at my home in Puerto Rico last April when I called Jefferson and made my appointment for my annual mammogram. We set the date and when I got home, I went immediately for the scan. When they called me, they were kind and gentle. They found something. Crystals they said. Not to worry, but we needed to look further. As I am a patient at Yale, I asked that my records be sent there. I was told I could pick up my records and scan in Enfield the next day and my husband and I took them to Yale. Jefferson was the key to the early detection of my breast cancer. Without them, I could never have proceeded with such speed and confidence I needed to make life issue decisions. Thank You Jefferson for doing what you do.

–Holly C.

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